Welcome to The first and best hostel in Maykop. 6 rooms, 21 beds capacity avaible. New, modern building. Cinemas, bowling, theater, filarmonia, center parks take 20 minutes time with walking. We believe to provide well your accommodation. We offer what you need for you.

If you want looking for that is quiet, clean, friendly, nearly, modern accommodation, you are right at here We present modern toilet, traditional toilet, gym saloon, big veranda, barbecue, modern bathroom included radio, dance saloon, free parking, all area has free Wi-Fi, motorcycle drivers, rafting, bikers, tandem, hitchhiking, climbing friendly. Air-Conditioner, carpet are available in some rooms. Safely is guaranteed. We can help your travel guides. We have stuff who can speak native Turkish, native Russian, English, Arabic, Adygabze..

Maykop capital city has great multi culture, history. There are parks, national parks, rivers. Maykop is located on the right bank Belaya River. There are stairs to mountains from city. The city river is the faster in Russia.

Maykop City Hostel is nearly city center that is about 1.2 km. There are lots of activity areas possible with walking. On the other hand who can use yellow taxi in street 100 meters near to hostel (Russian is Marshrutka)

-Adygea Republican Museum of Local Lore is 1 km

-State Museum of Oriental Art is 1 km

-Chamber Musical Theater is 1 km

-Pushkin State Drama Theater is 1 km

-Adygea Art Gallery is 1 km

-Bus station is 2 km

-Train station is 2 km

-Krasnodar International Airport is 130 km away and 2 hours with taxi.

-Sochi International Airport is 230 km away and 3 hours with taxi.

We decline who can drink, eating in rooms. Federal Local policy requires register paper for some of country (Europe, Brasil .etc) visitors . We can accept who has registration paper or we can serve for getting this paper.


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